We specialize in Classic Texas Dove hunts like the ones we grew up with, the kind where the fellowship is as important as the shooting. The kind where you didn’t feel like a number on a clipboard and the guy running the hunt really cared that you had a good time. When we say Classic Texas Dove Hunts, we don’t mean the kind where you’re sitting in a huge sunflower field with 200 other guys and are afraid to look up. We didn’t like hunting that way and don’t think you do either. So, we make sure as many of our fields as possible have tree lines so everyone can sit in the shade and we limit the number of guns in each field accordingly. Later in the season when the groups are smaller, we try to not hunt massive fields where you see a lot of birds but don’t get many shots because there aren’t enough guns to keep them moving. We’re more likely to be in a small patch of dove weed or native sunflowers that came up when the farmer’s hay didn’t make enough to harvest. A place where you may see less birds, but have a better chance to shoot a limit. We don’t promise limits but think we should give you the opportunity to shoot one. Dove hunting in Texas has turned into a really big business and there are some fine outfitters out there that work really hard to put their clients onto birds. We just think we do it a little differently than most. If that sounds like the kind of hunting you remember and want to experience again, please give us a call. We’d love to book you on one of our Classic Texas Dove Hunts.