Being a great dove shot is what every dove hunter strives to be. There is nothing like finishing out the day feeling like you had an exceptional Texas Dove Hunt. There are several things to think of before starting your hunt that will help you to receive “great dove shot” status.

If you have an opportunity to pattern your shot gun it may help your chances of shooting some dove. It’s important to make sure that the choke and shells you’ve chosen for your gun are working the way you want them to. Most people use 7 ½ or 8 shot for doves. A good all-around shotgun choice is a 20-, 16- or 12-gauge autoloader with screw-in choke tubes. Use a modified or improved-cylinder choke tube to provide you with a wider pattern.

Scouting out the area to see where the majority of birds are flying is also an important aspect of being a great dove shot. Texas Dove Hunts has scouted out areas for you to see where the best spots to dove hunt. Our Day Dove Hunts are primarily held on fields of sunflowers, corn, milo, wheat and dove weed located north of IH-10 between San Antonio and Austin in the Central Zone.

Now that you have your gun patterned and your spot picked for your hunt, it’s time to shoot. Shots in the dove field usually happen fast so you need to be prepared. Positioning yourself is very important. Stay flat- footed, and make sure you mount your gun correctly and that your cheek is on the stock. Maintain good form and focus on the gun mount. Practice always makes perfect so when you have a chance practice shooting clays. Always remember, stick to one dove instead of shooting at a mass of doves.

The more you hunt the more skilled you will become. Texas Dove Hunts, is ready to show you the best dove hunting in Texas.

Texas Dove Hunts offers the best Central zone dove hunts near Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Enjoy your hunt in the shade with no crowding! Contact us today to book your Classic Texas Dove hunt or call 830-914-2313.