When gathering your friends and family for a Texas Hunt, there a few items that you don’t want to forget!

  1. Don’t forget to pack your license. Make sure you have your license on you while hunting. You wouldn’t want the local wildlife officer to catch you without one.
  2. Don’t even consider shooting without having eye and ear protection. Electronic ear muffs will protect your ears but still allow you to hear what’s around you. While you
    are buying those ear muffs, grab yourself some safety or shooting glasses.
  3. Ammo is definitely needed if you want to shoot dove. Pack at least 2 boxes of shotshells per trip. Then maybe pack an extra box for your friends just in case
    someone forgets theirs. Nothing is worse than getting ready to shoot and don’t have anything to shoot with.
  4. When you find that perfect spot to shoot, pruning shears come in handy. They are great for cutting back briars and larger weeds.
  5. Dove Decoys is something you should think about buying. They ad movement to your hunting area and make other doves think it is safe to feed.
  6. You know Texas has mosquitos! The worse thing is trying to hunt dove and having to swat the mosquitoes away. Pack some mosquito wipes or spray, you’ll thank me later.
  7.  If you are staying at Rancho Uno Mas, we have snacks and water. But while you are out on a hunt, you might want to pack some of your favorite snacks. You don’t want
    the hunger to creep up on you and disturb a good hunt.
  8. You will need a good pair of sunglasses. You can always change locations to get away from the sun in your eyes but sometimes you find a great spot and don’t want to
  9. Pack a few plastic bags and toilet paper. When the hunt is over the plastic bags are great for carrying your doves in and any shells. Well, the toilet paper doesn’t need

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