It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. Texas Dove Hunting season is upon us and Texans look forward to hunting season even more than Christmas. Friday night lights are back and dove hunting season is opening soon! As dove hunting season gets closer you are probably already imagining the feeling of the warm early autumn breeze as you and your buddies sit in the field listening to the faint “Pop! Pop! Pop!” of distant shotgun shells going off. Can you already smell the shot shell smoke?

Dove hunting in South Texas is a beloved pastime for many hunters from Texas and other states. It’s no secret that these birds are tasty and plentiful but hunting them is also great fun. Whether you are a new hunter or a veteran of the sport, the appeal of Texas dove hunting is hard to beat. All Texans know a good session in the field during dove hunting season can offer nonstop action and enjoyment. Whether or not the doves are flying, the time spent outdoors with friends and family are what great traditions are made of.

Texas Dove hunts are as much focused on the social time with buddies as the hunting aspects and doesn’t require the level of concealment and stealth that a deer hunt does. Some dove hunters put on a camo shirt and cap, blue jeans, boots, and sit on the tailgate waiting for birds to fly all the while in range of a good shot. However, doves have keen eyesight and will avoid flying too close if they can see you – especially after a few days of hunting pressure. Opening day the birds can be incredibly naïve, but can wise up fast. As the dove hunting season wears on, concealment becomes more important.

Can’t hunt the first few days of the dove hunting season? Do not get discouraged or worried if you have no luck during the opening days of the season. Dove season lasts for several weeks, and often the fields will be empty after the prime early season window. This gives you a great opportunity to take advantage of reduced hunting pressure. Keep up to date with the field conditions by checking the Bird Report as the season gets going.

You could be building a tradition that you, your family and friends will remember for years to come. Aiming for birds comes natural to some, and not so much for others, but Texas dove hunting will be a tradition you will want to experience year after year.

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