Our day dove hunts are primarily held on fields of sunflowers, corn, milo, and wheat located near Kyle and New Braunfels in the Central Zone. We hunt these areas because most other outfitters don’t. If possible, hunters are positioned along fence lines and near scattered trees that provide afternoon shade. However, if the birds are flying in other areas of the field, you may have to sit in the sun so be prepared. The total guns per field are held to a number that allows 100’ between shooters and we give larger groups their own areas if they want us to.

In addition, hunters are positioned so that everyone is shooting in the same direction and no one is allowed to set up in the middle of the field. We also check with our groups throughout the day and will move hunters around if they aren’t getting enough shots. We hunt each field only twice a week, just in the afternoons and only along one side of the field. That allows a large number of birds to come in to feed without being shot at. This prevents them from feeling pressured and leaving the area. We hunt mostly on weekends but will do occasional mid week hunts for groups of 20 or more. Non-hunters are not allowed during the first week.  COST IS $150 PER GUN FOR AN AFTERNOON HUNT / FOUR PERSON MINIMUM (WE ARE FULL OPENING WEEKEND).